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Start your day with a cup of caffè corretto (“corrected coffee”), an espresso mixed with a pinch of grappa. If you live la dolce vita, drinking can start early and end late, but and this is the important part that you should never overdo it! Accelerate. Staying cool is an important part of living sweet. Noisy and rowdy drunks go to jail: Being drunk and unruly in public is a punishable offense. With effect from next Wednesday (1 July), the new alcohol law comes into force, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol by those under 18 years of age, making it a criminal offence, “(…) sell alcoholic beverages in public places or make them available to minors for commercial purposes. The legal drinking age in Colombia is 18. Here are some words of warning: Public consumption of alcohol is prohibited in areas around schools and sports centers. Our interns strongly advise against drinking in public spaces and not drinking alone in a bar: be careful and stay close to your friends. They also recommend that you have your identity card (passport) with you at all times. The authoritative source I choose is the article “Minimum Legal Age Limits” (2020) from the International Alliance for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (IARD). The IARD states unequivocally that the legal drinking age in Italy is 18, citing “Penal Code III, Title I, Law 689 as amended by Law #189 of 2012”, which clearly states that as of 2012 it is illegal in Italy to sell or serve alcohol to customers under the age of 18.

The legal drinking age in Ukraine is 18. Consumption is prohibited on the streets, in parks, on board public transport, in sports arenas and in elevators. Their most common alcoholic beverage is beer. Ukrainian beers are usually light lagers with about 4.5% alcohol and incredibly cheap for less than a dollar per beer. Microbreweries and breweries that make better and stronger beers like stouts, porters, and beers are becoming more and more popular, but of course they cost more. Young people are thirsty for travel and adventure. Hiking around the world. Have your passport stamped in exotic places. Hitchhiking across Europe, riding a Grand Tour. Stay in hostels and live in a suitcase.

And of course, drink the local beer and wine in the colourful cafes and pubs everywhere you go! Secondly, there is also no legal age to BUY alcohol: if a minor buys alcohol, either because he looks older, or because he has a false identity card, or because he simply claims to buy it for his parents, the minor has not committed a crime. It is not technically illegal for teens to buy alcohol. The legal drinking age in France is the same as in most European countries: 18. These include beer, wine and spirits. The minimum legal age for the consumption of spirits such as schnapps and vodka in Germany is 18 years; The German drinking age for the purchase of beer, wine and cider is only 16 years. Which is good. We went to many places and did our part to drink alcohol, and when we didn`t, one of our many interns did. So we put all our (frothmy) heads together and came up with this WORLD GUIDE TO THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE! The popular bank card called “Visa” has a capital V. A small V visa is a legal document required to enter a country. This is a surprisingly common mistake. Customers have asked me, “Why do I need a Turkish Visa card? Can`t I just use my American Express? No. It is not the same thing at all.

The minimum age for beer, wine and spirits in Japan is 20. That said, Mexico is a pretty laid-back country where, if you`re underage, you probably won`t have too much trouble buying beer, especially if you`re staying at an all-inclusive resort or drinking with friends at a tourist-friendly bar. But in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, the legal drinking age is only 18. What is the legal drinking age there? The real pleasure is to discover the small regional breweries, microbreweries, craft breweries and breweries. Currently, I drink a lot of beer brewed by the Pinta guys, they have a lot of fun drinks. Beer made from honey is also a popular market niche. Speaking of honey, Poland is the world`s largest producer of mead! It`s not that they don`t care, it`s just that underage drinking isn`t really a problem there. Italian children grow up in a wine culture, and they respect it. If a young teenager comes to a store and says he needs a few bottles of Chianti because guests are coming for the weekend and his mother sent him, that`s probably true. The legal drinking age varies in Canada depending on where you go. It`s a big country! But, I hear you ask, what is the legal drinking age in Italy? Good question.

Tricky answer. Please exercise restraint (and respect) by limiting your alcohol consumption to appropriate spaces such as clubs, homes, bars, beaches and restaurants. In addition, their DUI/DWI laws are among the strictest in Europe, with a permitted blood alcohol level of just 0.01%. Madeira is subject to Portuguese law and the consumption of alcohol at the age of 18 is legal. About things to do, there are several websites, [original link] is one of them. What else is a child supposed to do with two bottles of good red wine hidden in his house and drinking alone in his underwear? It`s not a living dolce vita, man! The drinking age in Austria was quite confusing, as different federal states had different laws. But thankfully, starting in 2019, they`ve normalized things nationwide, making the once-tricky question “What is the drinking age in Austria” much easier to answer. In Finland, we drink a lot of alcohol. It is a kind of national problem. They even have a word, kalsarikänni, which means “drinking alone at home in underwear.” I am not making this up.

You might think that as a kingdom of four countries scattered across many islands, the legal drinking age in the UK would be a mess, but thankfully that`s not the case. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 in all 50 states. It is common to be “filed” (asked for identification) until the age of 30. The maximum blood alcohol level allowed for drivers is 0.08%. Enforcement is strict and penalties are high. Foreigners need at least one passport to enter the country; Depending on where you come from, maybe even a visa. The national liquor is Horilka, which is similar to vodka but includes different flavors and aromas such as berries and honey. The government taxes the production of alcohol quite heavily, and as a result, the illegal production of Horilka “moonlight”, called Samohon, has increased.

Horilka and Samohon with hot peppers are quite common and useful as blenders. Try shopping in small towns and markets, as well as festivals and fairs, to find authentic examples. To reduce alcohol abuse, they recently raised Finland`s legal drinking age to 20, which is one of the highest legal minimum limits for alcohol consumption in Europe. (Other countries where drinkers must be at least 20 years old are Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.) My friends parents are from Madeira (emigrated to Aus) and she and my other girlfriend were there when they were 18 for a holiday.