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Since the first publication of this book in 2014, there have been many developments in the field of law and legal ethics that also need to be discussed and highlighted among lawyers and law students. Inspired by these recent developments and the encouragement of my family and friends in the legal profession, I decided to write the second edition of this book Commentaries on Legal and Judicial Ethics, hoping that this modest contribution would serve as a reminder to members of the legal profession to take the right path in serving the client. to the Court, the Bar and society in general. In addition, the second edition of this book includes established jurisprudence, laws, and recent Supreme Court decisions to assist and assist law students in their preparation for the bar exam. From time to time, we witness the exploits of some lawyers as well as the horrific behavior of others. Both, of course, have an impact on the legal profession and the public`s perception of lawyers. And in the end, it all comes down to legal ethics or lack thereof. This product comes with free engraving and cover. Please provide engraving details in the comments section of your order at checkout. Legal ethics is a subject (the last on the four Sundays of the bar exams and the one with the least weight in terms of marking) that generally does not receive the attention that other subjects generate. But where would this profession be, if not for legal ethics? Legal and Legal Ethics (2020 edition) Linen binding. 5.

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Please send an e-mail to CHAPTER III PROVISIONS OF THE CODE OF COURT RELATING TO LEGAL ETHICS. Commentary and guide in practice by Atty. Melanie P. Pimentel. In order to keep pace with the changing times and the current jurisprudential decisions of the Supreme Court, it is imperative to publish this 2017 edition of this book on legal law and ethics. Recent Supreme Court case law decisions have prompted bar examiners to develop legal issues in their own way in the context of the ongoing bar examinations in the Philippines. For practitioners, income, contractors and trainee lawyers of Josephrally L. Chavez Jr. Codal, important points and jurisprudence of Axel Rupert M.

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Asuncion | Rachel M. Burgess | Alain Charles J. Veloso. Chapter V-6 Privileged communication between client and lawyer.