The Customer

Brighter Futures offers effective solutions to complex needs with which many peoples’ lives are troubled. Their customers have suffered difficult ‘trigger’ circumstances which include mental illness, sexual or physical abuse, trauma or institutionalisation. Their best attempts to deal with these situations on their own have often drawn them into addictions or other dangerous situations.

Contract: 24 Months


“The team at the Orbis Alarm Receiving Centre respond to an alarm with speed and with professionalism to ensure the safety of the user.”

The Issue

Brighter Futures staff provide help, advice and support for people with varied and complex needs and much of this support is provided on a one-to-one basis. Their staff are constantly out in the community or in people’s homes providing these services and are frequently lone working with people who can be unpredictable. Even those staff who work in fixed establishments such as the hostel may lone work as they may have to deal with a situation in a different part of the building to their colleagues and are therefore, at that point, working alone.


Many of the services Brighter Futures provide are also 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year services and, as such, they have people working night shifts, sometimes on their own. They also always have an on-call manager for out of hours who can be called out at any time. To this point, their staff needed a reliable way to summon help if a situation arises.


The Solution

Brighter Futures are using our SOS Alarm lone working devices. After trialling multiple devices and apps, we reached a solution that their staff felt offered the most discreet and easy to use method when raising an alarm, if required.

 Our solution is now being used to support the following teams at Brighter Futures:

Homeless Team

Supporting people with issues contributing to homelessness, helping to develop skills and confidence to move on to permanent accommodation. Incuding an outreach service 24/7/365 for rough sleeping.


Providing ongoing support to people with a variety of complex issues including substance misuse and mental health concerns. Assisting them to live independently and maintain their tenancies in our properties.

Housing First

Support for homeless people with high needs and histories of entrenched or repeat homelessness to find and live in their own homes.

Clubhouse Network

Staff in the clubhouse network provide a drop-in centre and support to customers with mental health issues, including customers who self-harm.

Women’s Criminal Justice Team

Support women to help change aspects in their life that may lead to offending.

Learning Disability Team

Provides supported housing and floating support for people with learning difficulties.

Mental Health Helpline

Emotional support for people concerned about their mental health or that of someone they know.

Adult Sex Workers Team

This team provide support to all adult sex workers and carry out an outreach programme on the streets and in salons.

Safe Spaces

A short term service offering a safe space to people in mental distress or crisis for whom a hospital admission is neither wanted or needed.


Supporting people from a variety of backgrounds into their own tenancies

Q&A with Brighter Futures

What are your key benefits of Orbis’ solution?

There are a number of key benefits to the lone worker solution we have chosen. The device is easy to use and not cumbersome. Leaving the amber alert is quick and simple and having the GPS tracking is a big bonus. The best asset of the device is its ability to be used discreetly. All our staff undertake lone working and conflict management training however, given that some of our customers can be unpredictable, a situation can still arise that a staff member is uncomfortable with. Being able to activate the device without potentially escalating a situation is a huge bonus that gives our staff comfort and confidence when working. This was one of the main reasons we chose this device rather than a phone app which could be seen by a customer as threatening.

Can you provide an example of how your team use our solution?

Another way that our teams use the lone working device is in the ‘stay with me’ mode. This has been

used for a number of reasons including:

  • When working on an outreach programme and approaching a group of people you are unsure of
  • When working in a fixed location but having to visit someone’s room or flat due to an issue.
  • When being called out and having to approach a site or building and being unsure of the situation.

Would you recommend Orbis to others?

We would recommend the Orbis service to others for all the reasons given above and for the swiftness of the response when an alarm is activated. The team at the Alarm Receiving Centre respond to an alarm with speed and with professionalism to ensure the safety of the user.