Companion Code 5 for Lone Workers

Our tried and tested, original Companion Code 5 solution for lone worker protection.

Works on any Handset

The Companion Code 5 can be used on any mobile phone handset, no additional devices are required

Easy Alarm Activation

Get access to our dedicated Red Alert speed dial, linking to expert help within our Alarm Receiving Centre

Our cost effective solution for lone worker monitoring

The Companion Code 5®  service offers employees a simple yet highly cost effective way of substantially improving the safety of their lone working staff. The service is compatible with any more phone and provides a crucial aid to effective risk management of remote workers, satisfying the essential duty of care responsibilities towards lone working employees.


Live GPS Location

Locate users position in real-time

Phonebook Capability

With an inbuilt phone book, it is possible to make and receive calls from the device possibly replacing the need for a 2nd mobile phone.

View Footage Anywhere

Viewable from any device


Red Alert Functionality

A dedicated Red Alert button which when pressed put you in direct contact with the Orbis Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), allowing real-time situation awareness and response.


Amber Alert Functionality

Give your people the ability to leave a message with their whereabouts and last activity with our alarm controllers so we can listen back in case a RedAlert is raised. 


Visual Display

With a nice clear display, you can quickly determine such thing as battery life and network signal.

Let’s Get Started

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Answers to Your Questions

What type of handset can I use Companion with?

One of the advantages of using the Companion service is that you are not restricted by which phone you need to have. Basically, any mobile or landline handset with speed dial functionality is compatible with the Companion service.

In a Red Alert situation, how do you know where a user is?

When a Red Alert is received the easiest way of determining the location of a user is if the user is able to speak. If this is not possible then the user’s location will be gathered using LBS (network supplied location) and any pre-recorded Amber Alert.